Week 3 Progress Report

This week I’ve been working on my chord changes and specifically to and from D minor. It’s a tough chord to get to and from as a beginner.

As you can see from last weeks stats, all around the 30 changes per minute mark.

Week 2 – 1 Minute Changes Statistics

This week’s stats are a lot better and it shows just how much progress you can make and see the difference in your numbers.

Week 3 – 1 Minute Changes Statistics

So there have been improvements across the board really and I’m really, really pleased. Justin was right, that seeing your numbers increase is very motivational. Knowing that it’s down to my hard work and effort during this past week keeps me wanting to push on for next week.

Next week I’m planning on clearing out the D minor chord changes and moving on to G and C.

I’ve also been getting better at playing some songs. Slowly, slowy though and as you’ll see from the video update this week, I’m still very much a beginner, but this is only week 3.

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