Week 4 Progress Report

So this week has been tough. Work and life getting in the way of me practising enough this week.

No 1 minute changes updates this week as I’ve not made any progress at all. I will make every effort to practise again this week.

This is the week. The week that I turn 50 years old. And it may be that I might get some guitar related goodies for my birthday. So I’ll report back on Friday and let you know if I got anything for my new passion.

I’ve also been contacted by a friend of my brother who is a very good guitarist. He’s going to meet up with me tomorrow (Tuesday) night so that he can give me some advice. It’s really nice of him to offer to spend his time with me virtually and I’m sure he’ll have some great tips and tricks for me.

Here is the week 4 video.

In case you are wondering what gear I have and use, I’ve created a page with all of my gear on it.

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