Week 5 Progress Report

This week I’ve appeared on Heart FM with Jamie Theakston & Amanda Holden. March 8th at 06:30

And I’ve been working on my D minor and also my G chords.

As you can see I have work to do on the Dm to E and then I’m done with Dm.

Lots of work to do on G and then to start on C next week.

2 thoughts on “Week 5 Progress Report

  1. vast improvement Timster, well done. prefer ACDC to Oasis #justsayin :). S&G does not stand for Smiles and Grins haha. who’s Liam?
    Practicing in the dark would make an interesting blog 😀
    what would be really groovy, would be you playing your drums and also the guitar (obs some kind of editing required).
    Looking forward to the next update

    1. Hi DC,
      I know what S&G stands for, but this is not that kind of channel.
      Liam is a good friend of mine who plays the guitar very well already.
      I’m scared to practise in the dark, but we might try it later on.
      Drums and the guitar is a great idea that I will explore once I can play a whole tune.

      Thanks for your support.


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